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The history of our family

At he beginning of the 1900's, the Telesina Valley had little more than a thousand inhabitants. Pesants, farmers, artisans and small shopkeepers, populated the local markets offering the goods given to them from the land.

While Northern Italy looked towards the new century, inspired by the the new artistic and revolutionary movements like the Futurism, the South and in particular ther Sannio area revelead in the socio-economic calm of the retrograde feudalism.

It was the era of hard phisical labour, corrousive days in the fields and the rigor of the masters. But in the Telesina Valley the masters were not perceived as masters. The Cerza family, whose name has had may variations due to the many village dialects, reigned over the lands that went from the lower Laurentino area to the lowlands of Telese. They proudly competed the pre-dominance of this area with the Massone family.

It was thanks to the Cerza family's generosity, humanity and indistict humility that the first member of the Venditti clan laid roots in the then Petrara district, located in the municipality of Castelvenere. A grouping of uncultivated and at times difficult territory was the starting point for the development of this area.

Domenico Venditti, from Solopaca, a nearby village, was the first to settle in this area by believing and investing in the fertile land and therefore ecouraging the vocation of wine making and cultivating vineyards. After Domenico come Filippo, one of the first winemakers to venture into the bottling of wine from his own grapes harvest. Known and respected by all, the father of two sons and grandfather of four grandchildren of whom he was very proud, he went through the adventures and dangers of the WWII without ever abandoning his vineyards and his wine making vocation.

The succession of generations and recurring name handend down such as Domenico and Filippo lead us to the present day. From the economics boom and motorisations to the atypical and dark and gloomy years of austerity and the stagnation of Tangentopoli.

The historical conjectures and the external factors marked the life and memories of this family like that of many others, but the pride and almost sadistic love for hard work, were never not even remotely, weakened not even in the worst situations. The Sannita soul, the spirit of perseverance, the almost morbid bond with a difficult land but at the same time productive, forged these families and decided to exploit and share with other our mannerisms, hospitality, our beautiful scenery of our land and of course our history. So that being said on April 2016 after only two years Casale Venditti became a reality, ready to welcome and guide our guests by immerging them into the history and sacredness which lives and thrives in the family.

This is the real and only objective of Casale Venditti, the only true reason for this initiative. To share, explain, promote, talk about what this family cares about: the beauty, the history, the warmth and welcoming of ancient lands made proud people with tenacious souls.

FIlippo, son of Domenico, is the initiator of this daring adventure. It all stars from the house where he was born, remodelling it, altering and enhancing the details to ensure maximum comfort to his guests. As Sannita tradition says, ever ambitious man is always accompanied by a women of equal stubbornness, his wife Carmelina. Their goal was clear from the beginning, Casale Venditti must be the place where every guest, whoever they may be, can relax, enojy and discover and appreciate the beauty of this land. 

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